In a modern railway operation, the data network is central to the effective operation of the entire system.

This network is responsible for all the systems required to operate a railway – from the information required for passenger displays to maintaining critically important railway signalling, security, communication and information across the network.

The network needs to be operational at all times and carries the heavy burden of dependably collecting, deploying and storing many terabytes of data each day.

L2iQ has provided design, configuration, commissioning and maintenance services to many railway organisations. We’ve helped these organisations by providing data networks that meet their objectives and installing automated processes that carry the operational burden of securing the network which allows the operators to concentrate on other areas of operation.

Our capabilities in this area include:

  • Developing operational networks that support mission critical operations.
  • The design, configuration, commissioning and maintenance of data networks.
  • Designing and operating systems with an understanding that critical data networks have different performance priorities to regular IT networks.
  • Structuring the system to provide high availability, capacity, security and maintainability.