Operate & Maintain

Establishing and integrating a rail network is only part of the battle. The daily operation of a large commuter or freight network puts the system to the test around the clock.

Developing a rigorous and resilient approach to maintaining the ongoing integrity of an operating rail system is one of the most important factors in making a network successful.

Our experienced engineers and technicians at L2iQ have extensive experience in the ongoing operations and maintenance of technology systems, ranging from control systems and telecommunications, to condition monitoring and roads ITS. Our breadth of experience covers the assessment of system reliability (RAM), and the development of maintenance schedules and procedures.

L2iQ then have the capability to the execute those tasks to ensure the ongoing steady state performance of your systems or attend failures and break-downs, working around, restoring and re-commissioning your system to its original state. We can also assist with the management of specialist OEM vendors to negotiate the right support contract for you or plan Major Periodic Maintenance activities.

L2iQ undertakes the following series of tasks to safeguard operating rail systems:

Maintenance Strategy & Planning: Development of technical maintenance plans, maintenance schedules, and resource planning.

Test Lab Design & Operation: Preparation of test environments to replicate operational rail systems to test system updates and changes before deploying into the live operational environment.

Failure Data Analysis: Better understand the performance of rail assets and to finesse maintenance planning and the deployment of resources.

Develop Success Criteria: Define key performance indicators (KPIs) for the system and define how they will be met.

Asset Condition Monitoring: Develop and deploy advanced asset condition monitoring solutions that will remotely and autonomously monitor and measure asset health and provide real time data feeds to be used to predict future asset health and maintenance activities.