Private Mobile Radio Base Station Refresh

Private Mobile Radio Base Station Refresh

L2iQ recently provided assistance to a major NSW Public Safety agency by developing the technical specification for their Private Mobile Radio (PMR) base station refresh program.

Since the Public Safety Network (PSN, previously GRN) does not provide 100% coverage to all areas of the state, our Client operates and maintains their own mobile radio networks. These networks provide primary communications in areas where there is no PSN coverage and redundant communications in areas where the PSN does cover. The mobile radio network within scope was an analogue PMR network consisting of approximately 160 individual base station repeater sites.

L2iQ team members utilised their knowledge regarding radio systems to develop a technical specification for the refresh of the base station repeaters which were approaching end of life. The technical specification provided for a direct replacement of repeater equipment (where possible) to ensure that the existing functionality and coverage would be maintained, and also provided the capability for the future upgrade of the network to P25.

Due to the knowledge of L2iQ consultants surrounding tender evaluations and Government processes, the specification was used to successfully engage a contractor for the supply and installation of the repeater equipment. The new base station repeaters began being rolled out across NSW as of October 2020.